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The Mountain Rose Inn Wedding | Greenfield Ma | Odali & Chris

Bride and Groom posing for a picture atop the mountain at The Mountain Rose Inn

At the Northern fringes of the Pioneer Valley, up on a mountain in Greenfield, sits a wedding venue with a stunning view that allows you to see for miles! I’m talking of course about The Mountain Rose Inn. That’s where we found ourselves on Saturday, September 16th of 2023 - along with the stars of the day - Odali and Chris! This fun-loving couple brought along plenty of friends and family to celebrate their big day; even if it wasn’t the date they’d originally chosen. Why not the original date? Because Odali had injured herself very close to what was supposed to be their June wedding and let me tell you, she came all healed up and ready to party!

As always, we start with prep. The Mountain Rose Inn features a beautiful guest house with plenty of space for Chris and Odali to gather with their wedding party, separately of course so we don’t spoil the surprise! The natural light that flows into each room makes for a dramatic series of photos, with clean shadows and the perfect amount of highlights to feature all the details. The dress looked particularly stunning hanging from the bedpost on this sun-kissed afternoon!

Chris took the time to carefully fold his pocket square and his groomsmen each played a role in making sure he looked as dapper as possible. As happens frequently, the gentlemen chose to share a toast with special tequila that had followed the group from wedding to wedding. To complete the toast, Chris made sure they each had a custom-etched, personalized rocks glass - now that’s class!

Down the hall it was a bit louder as music played while Odali and her team of bridesmaids went through the hair, makeup and wardrobe process. Mom had to step in to make sure that Odali’s dress was perfectly buttoned. You can tell she’s happy and ready to go by her smile as she glances at herself in the full-length wall mirror.

After a few quiet moments holding hands with Mom, it was time to walk down the aisle. But remember, we’re on a mountain so this aisle has a view like no other! Seriously, you have to experience it in person. And just to add to the allure, Odali and Chris had their guests blowing bubbles as they walked down the aisle. What an entrance! We took the chance to use the trees surrounding the ceremony site, to frame a few candid photos during the ceremony. Once the vows were said and the union was sealed with a kiss, it was time to take the newlyweds and their families around the property for a series of amazing photos. Believe me, there is no shortage of beautiful backdrops at this location. And then, it was party time!

DJ Jose from Love to Party Entertainment was ready to rock the house and he did not disappoint! From the moment Chris and Odali hit the dance floor, through dinner and all night long, it was nothing short of unforgettable - especially Odali’s choreographed dance with her closest friends! We were there until the last song ended and for Chris and Odali, we wouldn’t have had it any other way. What a night at the Mountain Rose Inn!


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