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The Barn at Bradstreet Farm Wedding | Rowley MA | Nicole & Kevin

Bride and Groom posed on tree swing at Bradstreet Farm in Rowley MA

A wedding is the culmination of one life chapter and the beginning of another. Two people sharing one love, embarking on the journey of a lifetime. Nicole and Kevin chose Autumn in New England as their season, and brought their family and friends together at one of Massachusetts’ hidden gems - The Barn at Bradstreet Farm, in the picturesque small town of Rowley. Lucky for us, we took the two-hour ride from western Mass, to capture the moments that would become Nicole and Kevin’s wedding day.

It’s exciting to arrive at a venue I’ve never been to before. It’s a chance to try new things and explore new settings - like a fun wooden swing in front of a beautiful pond. As we pulled into the driveway, there was the classic chalkboard sign - “Happy Wedding Nicole and Kevin.” In the background, two separate buildings - one for Nicole and one for Kevin. After all, they couldn’t see each other just yet! As the King said in Alice in Wonderland; “begin at the beginning.” So that’s what we do.

The first step is saying hello to Nicole, Kevin and the rest of the wedding party, and congratulating them on what is about to be an epic day! I start with Nicole’s details - dress, shoes, jewelry and other important accessories that will be a part of her day. While this happens my second photographer, Adam heads over to do the same with Kevin - suit, tie, shoes, etc. Kevin memorialized his parents with custom cufflinks - one reading MOM and the other reading DAD, each engraved in his parents’ handwriting. Those are the details we look to capture, that help us tell Nicole and Kevin’s unique story through pictures.

Having the day carefully planned out hour by hour means we have a timeline to go by. But that doesn’t mean we can’t adapt and capture the candid moments. As Kevin gets dressed, his groomsmen lend a helping hand to make sure his tie is straight, his jacket isn’t wrinkled and in this case, his beard is groomed perfectly! On the other side, Kim Bowen and Kristen Schumann are finishing up Nicole’s hair and makeup. Afterwards, Mom and her bridesmaids help with the dress. The excitement is building!

Nicole and Kevin chose the magic of a first look - a perfect way to break the ice, calm the nerves and get a sneak peak at your special someone. The Barn at Bradstreet Farm has a beautiful setting for this moment, and it was everything we hoped - as Kevin’s reaction shows!

The exchanging of vows, placement of rings, first kiss and the joining of hands all take place under a beautiful floral arch. Now, it’s time to walk this amazing property, and let the newlyweds enjoy each other while we take some epic portraits - and even throw in a veil toss for a fun photo! Now - we party! Dane Leveton from Levitate Weddings served as emcee and DJ, and he put on an incredible party - all while scooting around on one leg because he had recently injured the other one!

In the end, we took thousands of photos. All of them, telling one story - Nicole and Kevin’s story. This incredible day was just a snapshot in their love story - but I’m grateful we got to capture it!

Videography:  Kevin Weed Films

Makeup: Kim Bowen - To Make Beautiful Cosmetics


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