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Mike & Brittany at the Vineyards

I love me a good vineyard wedding, and this WAS a good one! Brignole Vineyards gorgeous property in East Granby CT played host to Mike and Brittany's perfect day. Every detail was carefully planned from the giant floral heart from Corina, the Botaniste at the ceremony to the delicious ice cream cake from Rita's at the ceremony. There might have been some good surprises throughout the day as well! You know very quickly you have chose the right life long partner when you arrive at your wedding venue and see a motorcycle with a big red bow on it! This was the case for Mike! As Brittany and her crew were getting glammed out by Divine Elegance Beauty Boutique, Mike walked from the parking lot into the venue where he almost walked right by his wedding present before realizing it was his motorcycle. Later on in the night Mike had a surprise of his own. After the first dance he grabbed his guitar and serenaded Brittany with a song. It was his first time ever singing in public and he nailed it! After dinner DJ Stephan got the party rockin'! There was a lot of dancing, a wild bouquet and garter toss, and lots of balloons bouncing around! Brittany got into the party mood with a quick outfit change!


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