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Brian & Katie at the Log Cabin

The Perfect Storm

So, I don't even know where to start. I could start with the fact that every time I drive into Boston I NEVER leave early enough!! The meme "Boston is exactly 1 hour away from Boston" is pretty spot on! Anyways, let's start off with their engagement shoot being the "perfect storm" for me. From the absolutely perfect weather, to the location, and let's no forget about the stunning couple, Brian & Katie! Everything just seemed to fall into place perfectly on this particular day. Even me being a half hour late because I could not seem to find Spy Pond in Arlington. We even had a perfect set us up for a sunset. Luckily there was no actual storm that day except for a few raindrops on my drive in.

And when it came to their wedding? Even Better.

I have put in countless hours finding my identity as a photographer, creating my brand, and just simply fine tuning my processes and style into something that not only makes me happy when I look at the back of my camera, but makes my clients happy as well. These images are the culmination of all of that hard work! I am so proud to be able to tell my clients stories the way that I see them through my lens!


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